Cryo Pain Relief, CPR is backed by science and has a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied
At CBD Research Labs, our core mission is to help people feel better, as quickly and as effectively as possible.
We believe in our products and so do our customers, if you are not 100% satisfied, we have a 30-day money back guarantee on all CBD Research Labs products.
Cryo Pain Relief is the fastest acting pain reliever for muscle strains and joint pain not tested on animals

Here's what our customers are saying:

I have lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day and now the minute I feel some soreness, I just apply CPR. It surprises me how quickly it starts working. Wish they made this product decades ago.
Rick C is a white man from Scottsdale, AZ and is suffering from lower back pain - Cryo Pain Relief review - fast relief
Rick C. | Scottsdale, AZ
Suffering from: Lower back pain
I tried CPR on my elbow and was quite pleased with the results. Since then, I have been referring my patients to use CPR. Thus far, I have only received great reviews. 
Meredith Q is a doctor from Reading, PA & is suffering from AC joint pain - Cryo Pain Relief review CPR for her patients
Dr. Meredith Q.
 | Reading, PA
Suffering from: Tennis Elbow
Amazing product. I was experiencing pain and inflammation from countless hours of training in preparation for Ironman Santa Rosa. CPR gave me the necessary relief to keep going - resulting in a personal best on race day. 
Josh is an Ironman athlete from Lake Tahoe, NV & is suffering from muscle strain - Cryo Pain Relief review anti-inflammatory
Josh S. | Lake Tahoe, NV
Suffering from: Muscle strain
I’ve never used a CBD product but have been reading a lot about it, so I thought I’d give CPR a try. I was surprised how fast it started working. Highly recommend.
Lyla S is a black woman from Houston, TX & is suffering from shoulder joint pain - Cryo Pain Relief review CPR quick relief
Lyla S. | Houston, TX
Suffering from: Shoulder joint pain
I have been using the roll-on version of CPR and love that it gets warm and works really well. I also appreciate that there is no weird smell.
Eva C is a woman from Grass Valley, CA & is suffering from neck pain - Cryo Pain Relief review warm feeling & not a bad smell
Eva C.
 | Grass Valley, CA
Suffering from: Neck pain
Easy to use and fast relief from pain in just minutes. CPR has really helped me relieve my sciatica pain.
Derek T is a construction worker from Dana Point, CA & is suffering from sciatica pain - Cryo Pain Relief review fast acting
Derek T.
 | Dana Point, CA
Suffering from: Sciatica pain
My muscles are almost always sore after working out. I saw the money back guarantee and thought I’d give it a shot. CPR really works.
Justin L is a white man from Charlotte, NC & is suffering from sore muscles - Cryo Pain Relief review money back guarantee
Justin L. | Charlotte, NC
Suffering from: Sore muscles
I have been suffering from arthritis for over 20 years and have tried numerous products. CPR really helped with my arthritis and reduced the swelling in my hand. 
Deborah G is a white woman from Chino Hills, CA & is suffering from arthritis pain - Cryo Pain Relief review reduced swelling
Deborah G. | Chino Hills, CA
Suffering from: Arthritis pain 
I had hip surgery a few years ago and it gets really sore quite easily. My daughter turned me onto CPR and I have made it a part of my daily routine. Thank you CBDRL for keeping me pain free.
Rosemary W is a woman from Philadelphia, PA & is suffering from hip pain - Cryo Pain Relief review CPR part of daily routine
Rosemary W.
 | Philadelphia, PA
Suffering from: Hip pain
As a professional soccer player, we have to follow a lot of really strict rules about what pain relievers we can and cannot use. Because CPR has 0% THC, I have been able to use it and it works wonders. Highly recommend.
Sean S is a pro soccer player from Boston, MA & is suffering from muscle strain - Cryo Pain Relief review CPR is 0% THC-free
Sean S.
 | Boston, MA
Suffering from: Muscle strain
I've been dealing with lower back issues since I was a teenager and have tried most gels and patches out there. CPR is by far the best remedy I've used. You can feel it working it's magic immediately and the pain is gone within minutes. What surprised me the most is how long the pain managed to stay away after use. 
Mark M is a business man from Los Angeles, CA & is suffering from back pain - Cryo Pain Relief review CPR is long lasting
Mark M.
 | Los Angeles, CA
Suffering from: Back pain
As a general contractor, I am on my knees a lot throughout the day. Even with the use of knee pads, I still come home in quite a bit of pain. CPR has really made a difference.
Soren B is general contractor from Detroit, MI & is suffering from knee pain - Cryo Pain Relief review CPR makes a difference
Soren B.
 | Detroit, MI
Suffering from: Knee pain

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Our flagship product, Cryo Pain Relief is the fastest acting and deepest penetrating muscle and joint pain reliever on the market.