The Molecular Size of Your CBD Choice Is Key

CBD is everywhere, from pain relief topicals and gummies to pet foods and drops and beyond. CBD Research Labs is a topicals-focused manufacturer, so we at CBD Research Labs do not produce anything that you eat or ingest. Our sole focus is topicals applied to the skin.


CBD Topicals is a crowded space, with hundreds of brands claiming that their balms and salves will cure all of your ails, well, the formulas of so many of these products indicates that they will not live up to those claims. 


In November 2019, CBD Research Labs launched Cryo Pain Relief, a highly advanced topical pain relief gel. A pain relief topical is one of the most common categories of CBD topicals. Lets dive in to what makes an effective pain relief gel and how the size of the CBD molecule is of tremendous importance.


·      What is CBD

·      Forms of CBD

·      How molecule size effects efficacy

·      Why a CBD Isolate is the safest bet



What really is CBD?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural non-psychoactive cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. There are two main sources of CBD: marijuana and hemp.


Marijuana, as most know, contains high levels of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which can provide users a psycho-tropic or “high” effect. In addition, marijuana has legal limitations that vary by state and use.  Only in states where marijuana is legal, can you purchase CBD, or a CBD isolate extracted from MJ. Due to these factors many people purposefully avoid using CBD derived from marijuana.


Hemp is the second source of CBD. Hemp plants are bred to contain far more CBD and only minuscule levels of THC. Hemp is federally legal to grow in the US, therefore making hemp-derived CBD products legal in all states. For those concerned with legalities or not seeking any kind of high will gravitate to hemp-derived CBD products. At CBD Research Labs, we only manufacture with hemp-derived CBD.


There are major differences between the types of hemp-derived CBD.


The type of CBD isolate featured in a topical pain relief gel has a major effect of the possibility of actual sustained pain relief and it all comes down to how easily your body can absorb it. 

The Three little bears of CBD

Hemp-derived CBD comes in three variations stemming from the extraction process: Full spectrum, broad-spectrum and Isolate and due to the molecular size of each, there is only one that will have the best shot of absorption into the transdermal layers of the skin.


Full-Spectrum CBD -Variations of cannabinoids and terpenes plus THC

Broad-Spectrum CBD – Variations of cannabinoids and terpenes but no THC

CBD Isolate_ Pure CBD, no THC, No other cannabinoids or terpenes


Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD is the largest of the three variations at a molecular level and often contains traces of THC. Broad-spectrum is a smaller molecule than full spectrum but without any traces of THC and hemp-derived CBD Isolate is the smallest of the three on a molecular level and like broad-spectrum, has zero trace of THC.



The purest form of CBD


A CBD isolate is a pure form of cannabidiol that has been isolated into either a white crystalline powder or a standalone slab product. An isolate is the purest version of CBD that usually boasts a purity ratio of 99 percent or better. Reputable CBD manufacturers will share a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from independent third-party laboratory a to back up the purity level. You want it to be in the 98-99.9% range.


Why the smallest CBD molecule is the best for absorption.


Your skin comes in layers and there are pain receptors in different layers.  Some nerve receptors are close to the surface of the skin but a bulk of them are dispersed below the surface of the skin and just above the muscle tissue (called transdermal nerve receptors). For a topical treatment for pain to be effective, it needs to reach beyond the nerve receptor that are close to the surface of the skin. To truly block the signals of pain, you must reach those transdermal nerve receptors. 


The layers of your skin are dense, and getting ingredients to penetrate to a sub-dermal layer isn’t a given. If a the molecules of an ingredient is too large, it won’t penetrate. We see this challenge with molecular size with the variations of CBD that are readily available.


The molecular size of a full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD limits its absorption rate to just the top layer of receptors.  Only an CBD Isolate can reach the trans-dermal nerve receptors. A topical pain relief product made from a full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD will never absorb as well as a CBD Isolate.


Reasons to Use a CBD Isolate


Yes, the CBD isolate molecule is readily absorbed by the body but there are other great reasons to try the form. 


  • Maximum Concentration: A CBD isolate is the maximum concentration of CBD that you can purchase. It is over 99 percent pure. 
  • Versatile: The isolate has no odor or flavor so you never have to worry about experiencing the plant-like flavor of hemp that many people cannot tolerate. Nor do you have to worry about ingesting an artificial flavor to make the CBD more palatable. Use the isolate in foods and beverages, sublingually or to vape. 
  • Potency: As mentioned, a CBD isolate offers maximum potency. 
  • No detectable THC: You don’t have to worry about ingesting THC because an isolate is over 99 percent pure.


The small size of the CBD isolate molecule makes isolates the best way choice for topical absorption of CBD and the only way a user can reap all the benefits.

Chief Research Officer and CEO of CBD Research Laboratories, Andrew Bryden founded Newport Cosmeceuticals in 1996

For those that have specific questions, feel free to drop me a line directly.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chief Research Officer and CEO of CBD Research Laboratories, Andrew Bryden founded Newport Cosmeceuticals in 1996. His twenty-five plus years as a research scientist has always been focused on his moral approach to help those that are in need. Andrew continues to push the envelope of medical advancement and only develops products that deliver lasting results.

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